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To a brighter, lighter and cleaner tomorrow.

About Us

Mpuma Power was founded in 2023 in South Africa by Mark Shorrock. Our Vision is to offer Commercial, Industrial and Residential customers access to Wind, Solar, Hydro and Battery power at prices and reliability levels better than the current market offer, building South Africa’s first true green utility.

Together with his expert team of leaders in development of renewable energy projects, Mpuma brings a combined history of over 20 years of experience in every aspect of developing renewable energy projects worldwide.

  • Provide a reliable investment platform for energy transition investors.

  • To accelerate the global transition to renewable energy solutions and end loadshedding.

  • To deliver low carbon, low cost power to as many South African businesses and individuals as possible.

Our International Track Record

Why us?

Over 20 Years Experience.

We invest 100% of the cost of consultancy, design, materials and installation.

Over 90 Projects across UK, Spain, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Our Customer Offers

Solar Rooftops

Projects across a range of segments that include build & operate model in Residential Estates and onsite generation of power on Commercial & Industrial rooftops.

Utility Scale Solar Projects

Direct & Private Wire Solar Projects wheeling power to corporates within municipalities.

Utility Scale Wind Projects

Development of behind the meter 24-hour generation on-site wind projects.

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